About Email

The Email tool is where emails are composed, sent, received, and organized. This Email tool is within D2L and is
not linked to your mySFA account.

Below is a preview of commonly used features and functions of the Course Home. For a complete detailed desription of the features and functions, see the Desire2Learn Help. (Click Learning Environment > Email)

About Email

To access your email, simply click the Email icon at the top of the page (A), or alternatively, you can click the email symbol in the notifications area (B)

Link to Email

The Address Book (A) is where your contacts email addresses are stored.

Click the Message List (B) to return to the last viewed message folder when viewing a different email page.

To create a message to send, click the Compose (C) icon.

The Refresh (D) icon reloads the page to check for new emails.

Folder Management (E) takes you to where you can organize messages by putting them in folders.

Click Settings (F) to customize different options regarding emails.

Email Inbox
Composing an Email

To compose an email, click the compose button email icon (C in the previous section). This will open the Compose New Message window.

You can either type an email address into the To: (A) field or you can select an already saved contact out of the address book.

You can then proceed to type the subject in to Subject Field and Message Field (B) respectively.

To add an attachment, go down to the Attachments (C) section at the bottom.

Compose new message

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