About Grades, Checklist, Classlist

Grades - Use the Grades tool to check your grades on assignments and tests. You can see your individual grades and comments, as well as class averages and feedback. You can also view your final grade and the grade formula used to evaluate you if your grades are released.

Checklist - A Checklist is a way to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete. A checklist may list all the items you need to complete at once or may have items appear as you complete other items.

Classlist - You can use the Classlist to see who’s enrolled in your course, check who’s online, and to send emails and pages.

Below is a preview of commonly used features and functions of the Grades, Checklist, and Classlist tool. For a complete detailed description of the features and functions, see the Desire2Learn Help. (Click Learning Environment > Grades or > Checklist or > Classlist)

Viewing your Grades
Click the Grades link on your course navigation bar to access. Grades icon from nav bar

When your grades are published, they appear on your personal Grades page in the course. Depending on how your grades are set up, you might also be able to view comments and overall class performance statistics.

Viewing Grades

Details About the Checklist
Click the Checklist link on your course navigation bar to access. Checklist in nav bar
Each checklist contains one or more categories, in which checklist items are organized. For example, you might have an “Assignments” checklist with categories for written assignments and quizzes, both of which could have multiple items that you need to complete.

Viewing the Checklist

Details About the Classlist
Click the Classlist link on your course navigation bar to access. Checklist in nav bar
Check Who's Online from Classlist
The Online Status icon displays beside the names of other users who are currently online. Online Status icon shows with green dot beside name
Send a Page from Classlist
  1. Select the users you want to page and click the Page selected users icon.(A)
  2. Type your Message. Click Send.(B)
Paging another student Type message and click send
Send an Email from Classlist
  1. Select the users you want to email. (A)
  2. Click the Email selected users icon. (B)
  3. Type your subject and message in the appropriate fields. (C)
  4. Click the Browse button to add an attachment, if desired. Click Send.(D)
select recipients to receive a mail message type subject and message then send

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