About Locker

Use the Locker tool to upload and store files in the Learning Environment. Locker enables you to upload files from your computer or to create new HTML files.

Files in your personal locker are kept private, though your institution might provide the option for you to make files public.

Group locker areas allow you to collaborate on files with others.

Below is a preview of commonly used features and functions of the Locker tool. For a complete detailed desription of the features and functions, see the Desire2Learn Help. (Click Learning Environment > Locker)

Personal Locker
Your personal locker area is not course-specific. You can access the locker from anywhere in D2L and store all of your files together.

Click the Locker link, on the navigation bar, to access the Locker tool.

Click on Locker icon to access

My Locker area

You can also access the Locker tool from the Classlist or Groups tool.

Accessing group files from Group link

Group Lockers

Group Lockers are restricted locker areas where members of a group can share files. Any group member can modify files posted in group locker areas.

Group Lockers have the same options as regular lockers with the following exceptions:

The option to make locker files public is not available.

There is an option to Email Group Members.

There is a Modified By column that shows the last person to work on a file.

To access Group Lockers, click the Locker link on your course navigation bar, then click Group Lockers on the My Locker page.

Group Locker access

Group Locker explanation of features


Office of Instructional Technology, April 2012