About Content

The Content tool is used to organize course materials, such as the syllabus, lecture notes, readings, etc.

Below is a preview of commonly used features and functions of the Content tool. For a complete detailed desription of the features and functions, see the Desire2Learn Help. (Click Learning Environment > Content)

Accessing Content
To access Content, from the Course Navigation, click Content. At any time, click Help for specific details about Content. image shows user where the Content link is located inside the course navigation bar
On the Content page you will find a Table of Contents showing all course content that your professor has made available for your viewing. Forums & Topics List
In the Table of Contents, there may be several expand/collapse boxes depending on how many units or sections (A) your professor has created. Click on the plus sign to expand the sections to view specific topics (B). The Content for that specific topic is accessed by clicking the link.
Breakdown of Table of Contents
Content Topic Layout
After clicking the topic link, you will see the title of the content (A), the Content Tool Bar (B), the content for the specified topic link (C), your Course Content Map (D), and the "Back to Table of Contents" (E) button.

Image of content layout

Using your Content Toolbar
Your Content Toolbar has various icons allowing you to show or hide the content map, open the topic in a new tab or window, add or remove a bookmark, give feedback on the topic, print the topic, and allows you to navigate through the topics in the course content.

Image shows the content toolbar icons and they're functions

Printing and Downloading Content
You can print and download individual topics or whole modules through the Print/Download page. Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to download content. To access the Print/Download feature, from the Content page, click Print/Download. Image shows students the print/download feature
While on the Print/Download page, you have the option to Expand/Collapse All (A) drop down boxes, Search (B) for specific content, and Print or Download (C) the selcted topics, units, or sections. Image of print/download screen

Office of Instructional Technology, April 2012