Com 502 Media Ethics
This is a Web-based course taught by Robert T. Ramsey.

Instructor Contact Information
Dr. Robert Ramsey Photo Dr. Robert T. Ramsey
(936) 468-1231

Course Description
This course is concerned with the subject of ethics. More specifically, the course will present an opportunity to study ethical reasoning. The novelty of the course will consist in the depth of thought with which the subject is approched since all of us have ethical opinions but few of us think much about the underlying principles or processes we use to arrive at those conclusions. 

Course Prerequisites
Graduate school admisson.

Course Format and Participation Requirements
Various approaches will be used in this course to study ethics. The emphasis will always be on reasoning and justification. The course is structured in two-week sequences so that the first week in the sequence involves studying theoretical ideas in ethics and in the second week students will apply these ideas to cases. The format for this course includes scheduled assignments and deadlines, text readings, online readings and participation using discussion boards and chat. The course includes scheduled online exams. 

Two texts are required for the course. They are:  Beauchamp, T.L. (2001). Philosophical ethics (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw Hill, and Patterson, P. & Wilkins, L. (2005). Media ethics: Issues and case studies (5th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.

On-campus or Face-to-Face Meeting Requirements

Course Assessment
The course consists of three units of study each of which involves several chapter readings from the text. Student assessment will incorporate online theory exams for each of the three units and discussion board assignments related to the cases studied for each unit. The grading scale is the traditional A=90+, B=80-89, C=70-79, D=60-69 and F=below 60. Grades will be weighted as follows:

Application Assignments: 25%
Theory Exam One: 25%
Theory Exam Two: 25%
Theory Exam Three: 25%

Technical Requirements for the Course
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